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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Where's Sandy?

There she is! 

Three of these oak Sandy's are spoken for...which one will stay with us and for how long? How would you decide as the grain patterns are all different?

Which would you leave behind? This could be tough, I'll keep you posted.

Bold wood grain character won out this time and made this decision easy. Nice!

See the little piece with quarter-sawn ray flake? I have to admit the oak grain is growing on me. 
Walnut-Maple Skinny and Maple-Walnut Skinny
More walnut and walnut combo Sandy's to come as we stock up for the Beyond the Unicorn Christmas Craft Fair.

See you there?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

One Year Later - Cutting Boards

From our very first craft fair last year, back to the one that started it all.

The 1st annual Legion Holiday Craft Fair in our pretty little town.
1st Craft Fair - Table Layout

1st Display at The Ascutney Market
Many adventures along the way, all fun and learning experiences.

Our 1st Beyond the Unicorn Holiday Craft Fair

This year at the Beyond the Unicorn Craft Fair we'll have a few more design options, more table staging ideas and we'll also be in the GYM.....Woo Hoo!!
Jury Meeting at The Vermont Hand Crafters - Fingers crossed!
We are IN!!
Gearing up for the Springtime when the Farmer's Markets begin - we joined a few and again, learned a lot.  1st of all, you have to pay to get a spot in any of the fairs and/or markets. So, you need to decide which ones are a good fit and which ones to try again - or not.
Quechee, Vermont

Springfield, Vermont

Windsor, Vermont Farmer's Market
Barnard, Vermont
Apple Pie Festival - Newport, NH
Autumn Moon Festival -  Windsor, VT
1st Annual Village at Cedar Hill - Holiday Craft Fair and Silent Auction
2nd Annual Holiday Craft Fair
Back to the craft fair that started it all. Will we be at the 3rd Annual Legion Auxiliary Holiday Craft Fair? Absolutely!!

Happy with our 1st Anniversary - Thank you friends for your advice, support and suggestions. You all gave us the confidence we needed. Cheers to the cutting board!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Big Sister - Little Sister

Our Preston and our Wendy are the original big brother - little sister set...then came Ryan and Sandy.  Do you remember Kelly? 
Kelly in Rustic Cherry
Kelly has a little sister in the making...her name will be Jacquie and we believe she will be a wonderful addition to the family!!
Jacquie in Rustic Cherry

Jacquie in Mahogany - Maple Combo
Don't forget, just like Kelly - our Jacquie has the drip edge and pond, only on one side. 
What do you think? Will the Jacquie be a big hit?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tomato and Avocado Salad

Sharing my first attempt at a new recipe found on Little Bites of Everything.
You will need all that is shown above...for the record, I forgot the lemon, the basil and the spice. It was still very good!
I'll try this recipe again with all of the ingredients and I'm sure it will be even more delicious. And prettier as I get better and better at staging. End Grain Dizzy continues to be my favorite handmade cutting board, though I've not actually chopped anything on her...yet.
Link to Kristy's full blog post below, be sure to check her site often. I know I will be for more heart heathy and fun to make dishes.