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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wine Tasting / Windsor, Vermont

Sometimes it's all about the wine...
Rose' for the April Wine Tasting 4/26/13
at the Windsor House in Historic Windsor, VT.
Did I mention there was live music by Joice Marie? Fantastic, here we go.
Must be 21, oh yeah, we've got that more than double, actually.
Meet Rice Yordy, he and his beautiful wife Lisa are the owners of Windsor Wine & Spirits and the hosts for these wonderful wine tasting events.
Catering by Anne Yates, wonderful idea and the choices were
Anne and her family own the Country Convenience Store across the river in Plainfield, NH.  If you head to West Leb via 12A, like we do, be sure to stop in, often.
Back to the wine...all 6 Rose' were very nice, we chose these 3 for purchase.
1. Sequin Rose' 2012 offered at $9.99
2. Bieler Pere rose' 2012 offered at $10.99
3. Domaine de Ballade Rose' 2012 offered at $9.99

Great wines, great prices and friendly folks, can't beat that.
Cheers in Windsor, VT!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Lately it has been all about the drawers.  
Drawer Boxes
Drawer Slides
Drawer Fronts
OK, who knows why we completely finish the back of the drawer front?
Who cares really, it won't be seen, right?
 Drawer boxes are in, soft close drawer slides working great.
First drawer front ON.
What's with the blue tape?
Ready for hardware pulls and the solid wood top!
More blue tape?
We are very happy with the result!