Creative Woodworking

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rustic Cherry

Let's celebrate and appreciate the wood species Cherry. Not just cherry whatever either, we hand select our cherry pieces for rustic character. 
That means sap wood is IN.
Take a look at this Wendy below, can you tell me which picture is the brand new handmade cutting board, and which picture shows some age?
If you said pic 2, you are correct. Cherry naturally ages over time, deepens in color and most will agree, becomes even more beautiful. Who know's what will speed up the aging process?

Now the pieces that are Cherry - Maple combo's, the wood is selected for contrast, not character.  Make sense?
See what I mean? Who's older and or has maybe seen some sunshine??  

How about our Kelly Board, see the difference?
Kelly Aged Rustic Cherry
Brand New Kelly Rustic Cherry

The brand new cherry is quite blond and can have a bit of a pink tone...I'm trying to get them all into the sunshine before offering them for sale. 
Hearts in Rustic Cherry
Sandy in Rustic Cherry
Thanks for stopping by our little blog, comments are welcome. And, if you need a cutting board for yourself, or for a gift, contact us, and we don't mean maybe :-)
Wendy - Preston

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Making Progress

Progress is good, we are busy and encouraged with how things are happening. Our 1st unofficial business meeting with Todd and Sid of HomeCentrL, Social Media Services, lots of ideas discussed and advice given. 

A walking tour of our pretty and historic little Vermont town started us off and luckily it was a beautiful, sunny and comfortable day. Bob Haight, Windsor's Downtown Manager was our guide and beyond entertaining.
Windsor has a Welcome Center and it's a timber frame. How cool is that? From the train station, down main street, historic building one after the other.
Bronze by Larry Nowlan at Constitution Common

Lake Runnemede has quite a story, but today we will just appreciate the beauty and the view. I spy The Juniper Hill Inn...which is for sale, hint - hint.
Flowers still a bloom, we had a nice time and learned so much. Thank you, Town of Windsor. I mean 1/2 a town.

Dinner and a Craft Cider at Harpoon wrapped up our visit. Always a good time!
Harpoon - Windsor, VT
For the time being our Mudroom has turned into our temporary showroom. It's actually working out well.

Cutting Board pre-orders are coming in and we've chosen a few Holiday Craft Fairs, fingers are crossed for continued success.
One of each of these are clamped up, Maple - Walnut and Walnut - Maple. Do you see the difference?
More Hearts and Sandys will be delivered and shipped on Monday! This stack will be glued-up and clamped in no time. Rustic Cherry - Walnut and of course, the combos.

Rustic Cherry - The Sandy - 8 1/2" x 12" x 3/4"

Hearts! 10" x 10" x 3/4"
And, of course, we can't keep our hands on the Prestons, which is wonderful news.
I see Oak, Walnut and Rustic Cherry ready to be cut to size, shaped and sanded. Excellent.
Need a few more Walnut - Maple also, the contrast is so strong. Bud, with his creative design eye, hand selects all the wood to achieve the character wanted.
The Preston and The Wendy

Cheers to the Cutting Boards and to our favorite wines from Putney Winery!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Don't Wait

If a handmade cutting board or serving tray is on your holiday gift list, please don't wait to purchase or special order from us. Each piece takes time and time is limited. Selling these pretty pieces faster than we can make them is great, horses need hay, we need to fill the oil tank, etc. Buddy and I are having a wonderful time on this "side project" and would like to continue to grow.
Thank you ALL, we appreciate you very much! Shop - Shop - Share - Promote!!